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"El Gran Final" is a tragicomedy that bases its essence on the reunion of two clowns, who had to be separated many years ago as a result of the outbreak of a civil war. This war interrupts the last function just before its great final act.

The conflict forces them to take separate paths and never have more contact with each other.

It is now, after more than 30 years, infinite steps, a daily and constant struggle for survival, and an aging body, when they meet again and decide to finish their "Grand Final".


A tribute to one of the most beautiful and generous trades in the world. The office of being a clown. Feel, to create a dialogue with the viewer from emotions, where words are left over. A collective imaginary that clowns of all times have left us in our memories.




[COPRODUCTION with the International Clown Festival of Cornellà 2018 - Director: Jordi Juanet "Boni"]


* Premiere on October 21, 2018 within the same festival.

Gestural street theatre and Contemporary Clown

Street performance of Big format

Duration : 60 minutes

Audience : all audiences

Text : no text

Download Dossier ENGLISH

Download Technical Rider ENGLISH

Interview Zirkolika Magazine (October number 2018)

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